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Bamboo Sour/Tyre: Good Quality Sushi





 A very good sushi restaurant to visit, especially for their specialty items. Above market prices but great quality, with some cons to fix.

Pros :

+Premium quality scottish/norwegian salmon
+Excellent presentation, one of the best I’ve seen.
+Super fresh well stored sashimi
+Very big menu variety with special pieces (including grilled and fried) to go for. The dragon tempura was one of them. 🍤
+Cool atmosphere and ambience, small place but attractive.

Cons :

-Rice used wasn’t short grain, regular length. This made the rice taste and texture more apparent (check the shrimp nigiri pic)
-Many makis are regular taste, a little dry (related to above point).
-The crab salad, mixed with ingredients and a little watery overall with no strong crab taste.
-Teriyaki sauce was a little bitter

Items not to miss:

Marinated salmon salad (one of the best I tasted). Dragon tempura 🍤 and probably any of their grilled specialty items.


 Above market prices at around 15 000 LL/piece (current menu in last slide)


 Great restaurant in south, probably the best there, especially for specialty items (marinated, grilled, fried). Go for these. Would you try it?

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