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Benihana Open Sushi: High End Tasty Open Sushi (Old)

Benihana Open Sushi








Value for Money





  • Quality
  • Taste
  • Atmosphere


  • Price
  • Buffet not always available. Sometimes replaced by a la carte open sushi.

Benihana @le_commodore_hotel_beirut – Open Sushi – November 2018

If you’re looking for a good quality open sushi formula in Beirut, Benihana is recommended. The formula is usually for 42$ (every Tuesday and Wednesday): open makis + sushi (nigiri) + 10 pieces of sashimi allowed + fondant desert

PS: they don’t always offer a buffet; depending on the number of people dining in. If there are less than around 10 persons for the open sushi, you choose a kind of open sushi a la carte (you choose the fish you prefer and they prepare accordingly)


Excellent fish quality. The salmon sashimi was so buttery and mouth melting. The variety in the buffet was big; salmon salad, crab salad, cheese rolls, crab shrimp eel salmon, fried makis… I am a big fan of spread cheese in rolls and their spread cheese mix is great. The atmosphere is pleasant (low cozy lighting) and the staff is friendly. The fondant desert was tasty.


When there’s no offer the price is above average but for a good quality. I never liked the salmon salad mix (lettuce and mayo). The buffet experience is more satisfying than the a la carte open sushi so you need to hope (or plan) that there’s enough people dining in when going, at least 10. And many times the staff does not explain the formula; make sure you ask what you’re allowed to get in formula so you don’t miss the sashimi pieces. .

Conclusion: recommended. Call to ask in the evening before going if they’re doing a buffet tonight.

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