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Kampai: Tasty but Overpriced





 Great quality, fresh sushi. But the best place and value for money in Lebanon? Not really. Overrated.


+Very Good Quality Imported Salmon
+ Excellent crunchy salmon salad (same marination as Shogun’s salad which is one of the tops crunchy salmon salads)
+Tasty crunchy temaki, toasted crunchy Nori seaweed (not chewy)
+Hamashi sashimi is fresh and with a tasty marination (sashimi plate)
+Big maki pieces and some tasty combination (example:grilled salmon)


-Some pieces have a lot of rice (check pic), including the temaki
-The crispy rice with salmon 5 pcs specialty is not that tasty and expensive.
– Tuna is local fish, not imported as before crisis
-The sushi overall is ordinary. Not too authentic and not very special pieces
-Staff could be more professional considering the place

Items not to miss:

+Crunchy salmon salad
+Salmon Sashimi


Over-Expensive. Attached are the prices in the last picture.


Great place overall. But you’ll get the same quality at a much less price at other sushi places.

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