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Obi: a Sinking Sushi Boat



The 30 pcs offer for 30 000 LL from @obisushi badaro branch. Presentation looks good, almost everything else is bad. Total 5/10 .


💴 Very affordable offer, which is why it has high demand. Some sauces they add are good. Presentation of the offer and pieces look good.


The salmon (which is barely present in offer) has no taste at all. Pale looking and tasteless. White color is not a always a problem as some salmon are born with whiter flesh than others, but paleness and absence of taste is. Almost all pieces are covered in sauces, you can only taste the sauces, cucumbers and rice. Some rice was so uncooked it felt like a fish bone. Finally the service is very poor (this was a takeaway order and this is the 2nd time where the manager on floor wasn’t welcoming).


Obi was much better before, too bad it is becoming like Ichiban, commercial low prices and quality offers. Pay an extra 15 000 LL and get better offers.

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