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Olio Soto: My New Favorite Delivery (Old)

Olio Soto: My New Favorite Delivery Place



Olio Soto:

Sushi delivery from @olioandsoto hamra. The 1500 LL/piece offer. If it was available all week long, would have given it 8.5/10. Available on weekdays all day, and Friday till 5 pm, excluding weekends. Dine in and delivery. Total score: 80/100

Pros :

Excellent salmon quality; very fresh and tasty, not chewy or too soft. Rich salmon in pieces, with a slight marination that’s just enough. Fresh shrimp 🦐 and rich quantities as well. Offer valid on all makis, including octopus 🐙 (and crab of course). Very generous offer if you’re a salmon lover viewing the richness of fish ingredients. Great packaging and good presentation (except for the big wasabi ball they add).

Cons :

They add jalapeños on top of many pieces, which I am not a fan of (you can easily remove them). As mentioned the offer is not valid on weekends. Sometimes they are inconsistent from one branch to another.


very good improvement, my new favorite close by delivery offer. Recommended. PS: they probably knew I am ordering from sushiguidelb account, but the feedback from many other people I’ve asked is the same.

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