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Sai Mtayleb: Great Sushi Quality

Sai Sushi




 Good sushi place maintaining good quality ingredients after crisis.

Pros :

+The salmon quality is great. Imported Crunchy fatty and fresh sashimi.
+ Crunchy roasted temaki (not moist nori)
+ Tasty Shrimp 🍤tempura with big shrimp pieces.
+ Delicious scallops makis, mix with butter fish. Called “Double trouble”.
+” Sai special” makis is delicious, like a mini sushi cake, with tuna, salmon and smoked salmon.
+ Cozy place and cool area.
+Good value for money in sets

Cons :

-The USA roll has too much sauces, couldn’t eat the sauces. Without sauces it’s very good.
-The Crab salad with noodles 🍜is mostly noodles with some crab.
-The crispy makis aren’t really crispy.
-Makis orders in non sets are expensive at around 70 000 LL per 4 pieces

Items not to miss:

The avocado wrap salmon and sashimi. The sai special if you want a mini cake sushi mix and don’t mind more rice. Double trouble if you like scallops.


18 salmon set pieces for 216 000 LBP. All prices in last picture.


 Very good consistent quality choice in Mtayleb. A little similar to Tsunami’s sushi. Recommended.

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