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Spinneys Dbayeh Open Sushi: Recommended (old)



Open Sushi @spinneyslebanon Dbayeh – October 2019. Daily open sushi for 20$/person at Dbayeh branch, a la carte selected menu – till 7 30 pm.

Fresh, high quality and Very Affordable. Much better sushi than expected. Total score: 80/100


Very fresh Salmon and crab. The sushi are wrapped on the spot (not a conveyor belt). The pieces are rich in salmon and ingredients are generous. The pieces size is ideal, not too big and not too small. The rice is very well cooked and shrimp is tasty. The offer is one of the most affordable open sushi formulas, for 20$/person (at Dbayeh only for this price, selected menu) including one sashimi order (4 pieces), big value for money.


The selection is limited (check pictures at the end) and most of the pieces are not that special. There is no crab salad included. The teriyaki sauce is very thick and not tasty (inedible made like ketchup). The opening hours are short only till 7 30 pm. The formula in different branches is not the same (30$ at spinneys signature’s conveyor belt including an extra salad and sashimi order, which doesn’t make much sense). The place is a small bar.


great quality and freshness, affordable formula, recommended.

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