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Sushi Bento Ashrafieh Open Sushi (Now in Sodeco)



Sushi Bento – Ashrafieh – Open sushi

Total: 6.5/10 for the open sushi formula


Very good quality of the Salmon and shrimp 🦐. The Temakis and Gunkan Makis were ideal, slightly marinated and rich in fresh fish. The crab salad was also fresh and presented with a delicious sesame sauce. The value for money is good at 30$ per person including temakis which are usually not included at other restaurants.


the sushi pieces had a very average taste. The taste was a little dull and plain, and the variation is small when it comes to flavors. Very little special types included in the open sushi, resulting in very average flavors for almost all sushi pieces, instead of the juicy and mouth melting taste I expected. I had tried sushi bento saida and the pieces there were crispier and juicier.


The sushi pieces could have been better but the open sushi in general is worth trying for its good fish quality.
PS: they’re moving or have moved to Sodeco.

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