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Sushi Lovers Express: Not Bad



Sushi @sushiloversexpress . Solo combo sushi offer. First time trying the place. Newly opened branch in Hamra.

The place has a branch at Shwayfet’s highway. Wasn’t planning on trying it. Not great but better than expected. Total score: 7/10 for this offer (not for the place in general)


Good salmon taste. Fresh shrimp and crab. Pieces blending and mixes is mostly very well done. The sauce is tasty and not too much. Price for value of the offer is good and portion is big enough with the crab salad. 20 mixed pieces + crab salad for 33 000 LL. The variety in offer is good, between shrimp crab and salmon with cheese included. Ask for the spicy sauce aside it s good.


The salmon was good but could be better. Pieces were a bit too soft instead of slightly chewy and mouth watering. The crispy pieces had almost no crispy flakes on them. The hoso maki pieces were not well rolled and opened by themselves. The crab salad was mixed with chopped iceberg (lettuce) making it seem like a regular salad instead of a sushi salad. Their regular menu prices are between average and above average.


Better than expected overall. Recommended offer. Next time will try their salmon burrito.

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