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Tamashii: Good Quality but Taste Needs Improvement.

Hashi by Chopsticks



Tamashii Mar Mkhayel:

@tamashiilebanon mar mkhayel. This is a review for the salmon lovers boat, as they have more special items as well that I tasted a couple years ago. Anonymous visit.


+Good Quality imported salmon. Fresh and flavorful sashimi.
+Good quality crab and ingredients overall (replaced one salmon order with crab to taste it)
+Great presentation
+Cozy atmosphere and restaurant

Cons🔴 :

-The salmon on nigiri wasn’t very flavorful (could be because of the fish part or size). Expected it the same taste as the sashimi.
– Some makis were a bit dry and not very flavorful

💵- Pricing is now around 490 000 LL for 36 pieces which is (was around 250 000 LL for 34 pieces when visited)


Good quality place overall, but I would probably recommend it more for special items (sashimi platters, special rolls)

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