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Chef panda: Disappointed with quality (old)



I heard about Chef Panda and read a couple reviews about it being an affordable place with good sushi so decided to try it out hoping it would exceed expectations.


quality, freshness, taste
There was a weird smell of fish as soon as I opened the package. It obviously was not fresh and kind of worrying. The quality may be sometimes good but the fish was surely not fresh. The sauces added to the crunchy salmon salad were bad 👎🏼 (as in not tasty), and the nori seaweed of the burrito was not crunchy nor fresh. The presentation – especially of the burrito – was not appealing.


prices are affordable. The order arrived in 15 minutes. And (maybe) the quality could be good but wasn’t because the fish was not fresh at the time I ordered (not an excuse)

Disappointingly the place didn’t turn out as I hoped. Moving on.

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