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Sushi Lovers Express:

Two consecutive reviews for two different offers from @sushiloversexpress hamra: the place is in general better than before.

First offer:

12 pieces for 20 000 LL (now for 31 000 LL). Very good salmon quality, fresh ingredients, affordable pricing. Ordered a temaki salmon side order, it was filled with salmon. Only cons were a little too much rice and I prefer spicy mayo instead of togarashi for the temaki. Recommended, 7/10

Second offer :

20 pcs + crab salad for 52 000 LL (now for more). The ingredients are also fresh and good. But expected more salmon; only 4 pcs (on top only) and 1 nigiri piece had salmon. And the crab salad is a 1/2 portion which wasn’t mentioned, and doesn’t have much crab in it (mostly lettuce). The 5 pieces hoso maki crab are also mostly rice. Not really recommended even if you’re a crab lover (6/10).


Overall, the place offers good quality and is recommended, but some offers are better than others and can be inconsistent. PS: always double check for prices as most restos are updating them on a weekly basis.

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