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Sushi dinner by @chopsticksleb sin el feel. Good quality, better than expected, but prices are relatively a bit expensive. Total score: 7.5/10

Pros :

Great salmon quality. Norwegian salmon, flavorful and fresh. Big pieces, well wrapped and great presentation. Ripe avocados and good rice to fish ratio. The best pieces in the set in my opinion were the one with blast shrimp in 3rd pic, the crispy salmon and the salmon nigiri. Friendly and neat atmosphere.

Cons :

the prices are relatively expensive; they increased them around a month ago again. I personally didn’t like the sauce they added to some pieces (tasted like cashew nuts or peanut butter).


The matsushima set is 16 pcs for 64 000 LL and the dejima set is 20 pcs for around 80 000 LL. Recommended.

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