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Nara Nori:

Delivery concept by @mayhabeirut . Currently available for delivery only. High quality authentic sushi, but also among the most expensive.

Pros :

+If you like authentic sushi, different fish types, you will love this place.
+High quality fish, especially the salmon and tuna otoro (fattiest tuna part).
+Delicious sushi rice.
+Wasabi (with real wasabi kizami) and ginger are unique.
+Tasty donburi bowls (small rice portion with delivery)

Cons :

-The place is very expensive, with some overpriced items.
-Some fish types seemed okay, not the greatest I’ve tasted.
-The jelly in donburi bowls doesn’t taste great.
-Delivery only


Donburi bowl is around 600 000 LL for salmon and 800 000 LL for tuna.


 The place had the top rank in the recent list (list isn’t fixed will be updated). Recommended. Would you order?

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