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Most recent visit to @sushitsunami Antelias (couple month ago). High quality sushi restaurant, with some cons to improve. Added among the top 10 sushi places in Lebanon🏅.

Pros :

+High quality ingredients, imported fresh Scottish/Norwegian salmon.
+Consistent quality served, didn’t have low quality ingredients from Tsunami after many trials ✅
+The pieces don’t have too much rice🍙
+Very attractive ambience at Antelias branch. Added among top romantic sushi places.
+Friendly and professional service

Cons :

-The place is relatively expensive especially for the size of pieces served. Among the smallest size sushi pieces I had 🍱. Some pieces didn’t have any noticeable flavor.
– The tempura shrimp crunch wrap is too thick (chicken crispy like). Not the usual shrimp tempura.
– The temaki nori is moist not crunchy at all, expected better at over 120 000 LL per temaki.


  Most items ordered added in last slide. Over 20 000 LL per piece.


Recommended sushi restaurant. Total score 7.5/10.

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