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Expensive high quality sushi restaurant in Verdun Dunes that maintained ingredients quality after crisis. Added in the top lists as top 5 🏅

Pros :

+High quality fresh fish, imported Scottish/Norwegian salmon 🍣
+ Tasty salmon salad, but was a little better and with bigger portion before crisis. Tasty simple marination.
+Excellent mini temaki, crunchy nori and tasty mix.
+ Presentation was great 🍱, but not always this way; a chef from Dubai was there handling presentation
+Good pieces size with rich ingredients

Cons :

-Very expensive place (like Kampai). 💵For the price some items can be a little better
-Shrimp 🍤is small in shrimp tempura, with too much batter and a little oily

Items not to miss:

Salmon temaki (they have mini and regular size). Mango fuko maki. Spicy salmon salad.


  Expensive, upon visit (last month), 3 pieces at around 90 000 LL. Portions are in 3 not 4.


Recommended place, especially if like simple authentic sushi with some modern choices. They also have chinese 🥡. Tried it? Would you try it?

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