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Sushi Bell:

Sushi in Chouf @sushi_bell Baaklin. 100% anonymous as usual. Good quality place as I heard and expected, good experience overall 🪵🍣. Pricing close to high quality places in Beirut. Total 7.25/10

Pros :

+ Good quality well stored imported salmon (fresh texture and flavorful fish) 🍣
+Tasty sauces and some tasty mixes.
+Tasty crab salad.
+The crispy topping is crunchy.
+Cozy ambience with a fire heater next to you and friendly staff.

Cons :

-Some pieces are plain and have too much rice 🍙 (including Temakis)
– The shrimp pieces used are mini shrimp, both in dynamite shrimp (mostly dough)and nigiri shrimp 🍤(they used two mini shrimp instead of a full shrimp piece).


Menu prices upon visit last month were not updated, increased by 40%, at around 15-20 thou per piece. Double check currently.


Recommended sushi place in Chouf. Tried it? Would you try it?

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