You are currently viewing Obi Open Sushi: Attractive Value for Money (old check recent Obi review)

Obi Open Sushi: Attractive Value for Money (old check recent Obi review)

Obi Open Sushi - Badaro








Value for Money





  • Quality
  • Taste & Mixes
  • Price


  • Very slow service for second orders
  • Spices powder instead of wasabi mix with makis
  • Dragon order not special

Obi Sushi Badaro @obisushi – Open sushi formula

This is almost the 5th time I try their open sushi formula. The score is based on all visits. A recommended open sushi place (Monday to Wednesday).


Very fresh fish. The sashimi is mouth melting and had an ideal fish taste. Variant pieces: avocado wraps, shrimp tempura, seared salmon and includes one sashimi order per person. The crispy was crunchy and not moist, and temakis’ nori (the seaweed) was toasted and crunchy which is always a plus. The ura maki pieces are well sized. The crazy salad is fresh and very well mixed. Open drinks are included as well, which is not available at other open sushi places (usually restaurants base a profit from soft drinks orders). Price is very competitive at 29$/person including a crazy salad, open sushi and drinks. The taste and quality on this last visit had improved.


They include 2 dragon orders which I found interesting but the dragon served was a regular 8pcs order shown in picture; no special sauces or presentation which was disappointing. In early visits, they added too much rice and too little fish in the temakis (not in this one). The spices they use for spicy pieces do not go well with sushi (sprayed spices rather than wasabi mixed with sauces). Second orders take too much time to be prepared (we only ordered 8 pieces for a 2nd order and left after 20mins before being served since we were in a hurry).

Conclusion: Recommended. Could be a little inconsistent but the last time I visited it had drastically improved. Badaro branch is small but seating outside is cozy if you reserve. Make sure to order your second order 30minutes ahea

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