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Oceanus: High Quality and Rich Portions



Sushi delivery from Oceanus Ashrafieh. Even though this place is classic, often closes early and on many holidays (including new years), but the quality of their fish is amongst the best (they are/were one of the distributors of fish in Lebanon). Total score 70.75/100

Pros :

Great quality of salmon, shrimp 🦐 and fish in general. Fresh with an ideal taste and texture; not chewy, not watery, not fishy. Generous ingredients and salmon as it should be. Big pieces that aren’t plain. Tasty temaki rich in salmon. The prices of offers and sets are affordable; this one is 19pcs at 38 000 LL (temaki not included). Check the “sushi mix set” as well in my story highlights💵.

Cons :

As mentioned, this place is classic and tries too hard to add new flavorful mixes, resulting in not so good combinations. The sauces in this set weren’t very tasty (wasabi, sesame sauce). The smoked tuna 🐟 wrap wasn’t bad but my least favorite. Didn’t mean to order this offer but sets names were confusing. The temaki salmon is relatively expensive at 9 000 LL. The place doesn’t have clear opening hours; often closes early before 11 ⏰ and on most holidays, even on some Sundays. Small place (but cozy).


recommended cozy place with good quality fish, but make sure it is open before going.

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