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Wakame: Good Offers. Crab Needs improvement



Mansouriyeh. I previously reviewed it in gemmayzeh (but that was a franchise that closed). Mansouriyeh’a branch was better overall. Total score: 70/100

Pros :

Fresh and tasty salmon, good quality. Well wrapped pieces, and neat presentation. We tried the special club salmon; very well made and tasty ingredients. Affordable offers at around 1$/piece. Ordered the 30pcs for 30$ set (45 000 LL). Good service.

Cons :

The main con was the crab (surimi). The crab salad we were served looked pre-prepared with crab sticking together and cold (check last pic). The waiter replaced it with another one, but the crab overall (even in pieces) wasn’t tasty and too dry for some reason. The teriyaki sauce was too thick (like ketchup’s texture).


Good offers, recommended. Crab dishes need improvement.

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