Sushi Call: Good Sushi for Delivery

Sushi Call: Good Sushi for Delivery



Sushi dinner @sushicalllebanon Jal El Deeb. Good sushi taste and flavors, but the overall experience isn’t up to the standards.


The sushi is well prepared, wraps very well made, with good combinations and tasty sauces. The quality of the ingredients is good in general. Very affordable prices with offers at 1000 LL per piece 💴(check last pic for offers). The shrimp 🦐 rolls look and taste good and fresh. The crab salad is tasty and included in many offers.


The quality and freshness of salmon is good but could be better: the sashimi was a bit loose instead of hard, like it wasn’t very well stored and a little warm 🐟 (but not bad). The restaurant is very small, not suitable for dine in, with an unprofessional service feeling; waitresses chitchatting out loud with no attention to the tables (we were also handed the offers sheet only, until we asked for the full menu).


good sushi taste and flavors, but lacking in many areas as a sushi restaurant.

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