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This is the all you need to know once and for all review for @sushistarleb following many different experiences. Overall total score: 6.5/10 (score for this visit 7/10, noting that this visit wasn’t totally anonymous since someone in the staff recognized me).


+ The salmon used for these sets is imported, specifically for the salmon set. Tasty and flavorful scottish/norwegian salmon.
+Good quantity of salmon in pieces
+Little rice used in makis
+ The crab salad was simple and tasty (though portion may be a little bigger than usual)
+ The teriyaki sauce was on point
+ Friendly staff


-Sushi star sometimes mixes high quality and low quality ingredients, after checking with many suppliers. For example they use both local trout/salmon and imported salmon, but it depends on what you order. Especially after $ crisis.
-Experiences at different times and different branches weren’t consistent. Sometimes fresh and other times not.
-During this visit, many pieces had a lot of cucumber in them (check pics) and barely any crab.

Pricing :

 prices overall are above average especially when mixing ingredients. For these sets the salmon set 18pcs for 163 000 LL. Classico set 20pcs for 121 000 LL (mostly crab).


It depends on what you order and where you order it from. This is why it’s not among my favorite places. But this visit was good overall.

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